Return to me

No me abandones asi
Don't give me up like it.

hablando solo de ti
Talking only to you(直譯)

Ven y devuelveme al fin la sonrisa que se fue
The smile that went away come back to me finally.

Una vez mas
tocar tu piel
e hondo suspirar
I touch your skin and deep sigh again.

Recuperemos lo que se ha perdido
Let us recover what it is had lost.

Regresa a mi
Return to me.

Quiereme otra vez
Love me again.

Borra el dolor que al irte me dio cuando te separaste de mi
Erase the pain that gave to me when you leave me.

Dime que si
Tell me that

Yo no quiero llorar
I don't want to cry.

Regresa a mi
Return to me.

Extrano el amor que se fue
Leave the love that has leaved.

Extrano la dicha tambien
and leave the hapiness too

Quiero que vengas a mi
I want you to come back to me

y me vuelvas a querer
and you bring the love back.

No puedo mas si tu no estas
I can't if you are not here

Tienes que llegar
Mi vida se apaga
You have to arrive to my life that extinguished

sin ti a mi lado
without you by my side.


I don't have a dream

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